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Selling or buying a property

The mechanism of the life annuity is a relatively simple mechanism to understand is the fact of selling a property (or buying it) but paying the selling price, not all at once at the time of the transaction, but by monthly payment for the whole of the The annuity of the seller By selling life annuities, the seller will benefit, throughout his life from a complementary income, enabling him for example to complete his retirement. More information : In a more common formula and more sought after by sellers, the owner sells his building but retains the right to live on it (be careful, the right to live is not a usufruct). This is the definition of the busy life. Obviously, the selling price will have to be reduced since the owner retains a right of residence on the sold property.

The life annuity

In 9 out of 10 cases, the life annuity relates to the principal residence of the seller who continues to occupy it. He reserves the right of use and habitation that allows him to stay in the place until his death. Main disadvantage, the buyer can not take advantage of the property acquired for many years. He must therefore not only have capital to invest, but also comfortable (and stable) incomes to pay the rent. In case of unpaid invoices, the sale will be canceled and the sums paid will remain with the seller. life “free” allows on the contrary to dispose of the housing immediately. As a result, the buyer can rent it for income that covers all or part of the annuity payable to the seller. But they are very rare and focus on small areas. In addition, they cost more than a “busy” life because the buyer pays for the immediate availability of housing. Unlike a financially classic property purchase, the purchase of a good life annuity is, in principle, twice. Discover villa rental cannes. A fraction, the bouquet, is payable in capital at the signing of the deed of sale at the notary. Determined by the seller and the buyer, this payment is not mandatory. However, it is very commonly practiced. Its amount is generally between 10 and 40% of the estimated value of the property sold. It depends mainly on the needs and aspirations of the seller. Most often, he needs income to complete a retirement too thin, and he is content with a small bouquet to increase his income.

The life annuity is for investors

The life annuity is more for investors than for first-time buyers. It is necessary to have one’s own house and to be able to deprive oneself of a portion of one’s savings for many years before considering such an investment. Attention, in case of default of payment, the service life is considered as obsolete and all sums committed (the bouquet and monthly payments paid) definitively lost.

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